Advantages of creating interactive videos

Why HypermediaLAB?

All in one

All in one

Customize, edit, add interactivity, share and publish, all from within HypermediaLAB and without the need for additional tools. Create your interactive videos from scratch or switch to hypermedia on the fly. Yes sir!



1, 2, 3, 4 and your video ready. Yes, that’s it! Step by step, easily, in a few minutes and without needing to know more than using your computer or mobile. Your content will quickly be on another level and your audience will appreciate it.



You, your content, your brand, something special. Do you want to go further, show what you do differently, reach more people and capture their attention, knowing their preferences? Brilliant! HypermediaLAB is for you.

Why hypermedia videos?

Create powerful videos for you and your audience. Inspire with your message and brand.

Mark the difference

Customize your videos in a simple way, place clickable buttons wherever and whenever you want. Add your logo, record yourself with an genuine message and much more.

Give much more to your audience

Deliver powerful and unique interactive formats for your videos, go with the flow!

Take them where you want

Create your videos with HypermediaLAB and export to your website or online campus through URL, iFrame code and SCORM package.

Improve your engagement

Measure your success! A basic, we know. Measure all interactions and views of your content. No more doubts about your audience’s preferences, get to know them and go for it!

Pero un vídeo siempre lo explica mejor, al final de eso vamos, ¿no? Dale al play y vamos a entender esto del engagement.

Start creating hypermedia videos today

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