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Explore our templates’ gallery to create your hypermedia content. Start customizing your video.
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Prepare your contents

Edit your clips with the editing tools. Use the teleprompter to pitch as a professional without taking your eyes off the camera.

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Add interactive elements

The hypermedia format supports any kind of content you want in your video. No limits, add anything you wish.

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your video

Save your videos as public or private. Once finished, share your amazing videos anywhere.


Select your template

Choose from templates with:
  • Templates gallery: Choose the one that best fits your content.
  • Static buttons: your content remain in the same position and time throughout the video.
  • Customized buttons: feel free to select the position, time and style of your clickable buttons.

Prepare your contents

Record yourself, capture screens, cut scenes, replace audio and upload videos. Store all your clips in the video library.

Use the teleprompter and adjust it according to your needs to make the speech in your video as easy as possible.

Add interactive elements

Add clickable buttons with links to other websites, videos and social media. Add all kinds of files, text, questions and much more.

Don’t forget to customize your videos with your logo, headers, sign offs and music.


Finish your video

Create your own workspace by customizing your video library. Export your videos to an online campus, websites and social media with an URL, iFrame code and SCORM package. Embed anywhere!

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"Great product with a lot of potential!"

I am so glad I found this product. It is very simple to use and makes it very easy to make interactive videos.

RyanN 🇬🇧
RyanN 🇬🇧

Online Marketing Specialist

"Simple for non-tech people like me"

I am SO glad this product exists and to have something that will save me hundreds of pounds in the long run, I can add logos, use teleprompter and make edits without having to hire a videographer for little things like this.

Saira N. 🇬🇧
Saira N. 🇬🇧

"Powerful tool - great potential"

I have already seen and experienced its power. Easy to use, well designed, and a great way to make videos more interactive.

Meindert S. 🇹🇿
Meindert S. 🇹🇿

Executive Director

"All in one tool"

"Professional results"

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