FAQs & Terms and Conditions HYPERMEDIALAB Affiliate Program

FAQ-1: What is the HypermediaLAB Affiliate Program?

The HypermediaLAB Affiliate Program allows you to earn money for referring and promoting HypermediaLAB products and services: every time someone makes a purchase through you, you earn a commission. You monetize your audience.

When you become an affiliate of HypermediaLAB, we give you access to a unique reference handle and affiliate LINK that leads to the Home page and/or Plans. If your contacts acess through your link, and buy the product/service, that sales commission is automatically assigned to you.

In addition, you will receive commissions as long as that person is a HypermediaLAB client, every month, without having to do anything else. You will have an income from each sale you make, not just a single commission. Plus there’s no limit to the number of sales you make

FAQ-2: What requirements do I need to sign up as a HypermediaLAB affiliate?

None. Everyone is welcome and is a great partner for HypermediaLAB.

On this page you have a button to sign up to become an affiliate. Registering as an affiliate is automatic. Once you sign up you will be able to see your panel /dashboard in Rewardful, where you will find your unique reference handle and affiliate LINK, which is the one you will use to promote HypermediaLAB and it will track all of your referrals (this is the way we can get to know that the sale has been generated by you, if you don’t use your affiliate link, no sale will be counted to your account).

FAQ-3: What HypermediaLAB services/products are available to promote with the Affiliate Program?

There is only promotion with affiliates of our “Starter”, “Pro” and “Team” plans. The other HypermediaLAB products and services are not in the affiliate program, so there is no sales commission for them. This may change in the future, and if it were the case, we will inform all our affiliates by email, and we would update this page with the information, since we reserve the right to make changes.

FAQ-4: How does HypermediaLAB help me promote it?

Firstly, you will be granted access to our “Partners Kit” with Key Notes, GIFs and hypermedias. We will also send you videos and resources and we will keep you permanently updated of news to help you promote HypermediaLAB and help you earn the most money with us. You will be part of the team and we want you to earn as much as possible.

FAQ-5: Sales commissions

Our affiliates receive 20% for every sale made through their affiliate link. Commissions for purchases made under the same affiliate ID are excluded, that is, it is not possible to obtain a commission if you are the one who purchases the service. We use the Rewardful service to manage affiliates. More information on how Rewardful manages the affiliate platform HERE

FAQ-6: Cookies last 60 days

Our tracking cookies last 60 days meaning that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up and becomes a paying customer within 60 days. If a visitor access the sales page for the first time on January 1 through your affiliate link, but does not buy, and yet returns on 30/31 of the following month, and finally does the payment, you will receive your commission, since the cookie saves the data for 60 days. This whenever the client reaches the plans page for the first time thanks to your affiliate link. If the client had already arrived at HypermediaLAB before your link, it is not considered a lead contributed by you.

FAQ-7: Payout. There is NO minimum of commissions reached to have the right to collect them

There is no minimum. With just one lead/client who purchases a “Starter” plan through you, you already charge your commission. From the very first moment.

FAQ-8: How does payment work?

Between the 1st and 10th of each month you will collect your commissions from the previous month. For example: If you have made two sales, one on January 5 and another on January 25, you will get paid between February 1 and 10.

FAQ-9: How do you get paid?

The HypermediaLAB Affiliate Program supports only PayPal for affiliate payouts PayPal for affiliate payouts. To be an affiliate of HypermediaLAB, you must provide us with your PayPal email (user) so that we can save it in your profile, and in this way make the payment of your commission. If you change your PayPal user, you must tell us in time so that you can collect properly: If you do not notify us and there is a problem with your payment, it will be your responsibility and HypermediaLAB will not cost new payments or commissions due to that. The costs that correspond to you to pay the Paypal commission are at your own expense.

FAQ-10: How is the commission charge justified?

Do not worry. When you receive your commission, we will send you a receipt. And between the 5th and 10th we will make payments to all affiliates of their commissions from the previous month. We do this in order to run an efficient process and manage your time and ours well.

FAQ-11: Can there be changes to the program?

HypermediaLAB reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. If this is the case, HypermediaLAB will make the changes on this page and will send an email to the affiliates to inform them of the changes.

HypermediaLAB reserves the right to terminate the affiliate program at any time, if it deems it appropriate. If the affiliate program is terminated, HypermediaLAB will notify affiliates of the last effective day and will manage the remaining invoices for all sales made by affiliates during that time.

Joining our Affiliate Program automatically implies accepting and understanding the Terms and Conditions of this page

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