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The importance of an online teleprompter

Our online teleprompter allows you to self-record without memorizing your speech. Your audience will feel that you are looking at them all the time.

As easy as positioning the teleprompter near your webcam, paste or write your speech and click play so it starts automatically.

Get ready for the hypermedia experience!

Our online teleprompter is a key feature of HypermediaLAB and you can also use our platform to self-record, upload videos, add interactive content and much more!

Professional results without spending time and with no effort

Adjust the size of the text

By adjusting the size of the font, you will have a clearer vision of the text. Start by adjusting the text at a size where is comfortable for you and for keeping a natural movement of your eyes.

Paste or write your speech

Whether you have ready your speech or want to write it on the spot, you can do both things in our online teleprompter. Copy and paste your text or write it directly in the teleprompter’s text box.

Adjust the speed of the text

This will allow the text to be adjusted to your reading speed or the one you want to give the speech. It will let you obtain a more agile or relaxed reading, make the rhythm of the speech yours.

Place the teleprompter close to your webcam

Move the teleprompter’s box to any place in the screen and place it near de position of your webcam or the camera you are using. With this option, get professional results without any effort!

What will you get?

This is how our community uses HypermediaLAB

  • Testimonials

    "HypermediaLAB makes my work quicker and the feedback from my clients has always been positive."

    John Peterson, Coach
  • Testimonials

    "Since I started using HypermediaLAB to reinforce my classes, my students have increased their grades."

    Noah Miller, Teacher
  • Testimonials

    "I used to do my work with more complicated tools, now I can do more in less time."

    Betty Anderson, Freelance

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