Discover our online video editor

The easiest online video editor. Record and edit, upload your video, add interactive content and more. 
Professional results in just few minutes. 

Online professional  video editor

The HypermediaLAB’s online video editor allows you to create big things in a few steps, no apps to download and nothing to install! Stop spending lots of hours and efforts to create amazing videos.

Record yourself or upload your videos, trim your video, replace audios and much more. For users of all technical levels! 

With HypermediaLAB, enjoy our online video editor and create powerful interactive videos in the easiest and fastest way possible.

The easiest online video editor you’ll ever know

Record with your webcam, mobile and upload your videos

Record with your phone and upload your video from our APP or record with your webcam and upload your video too. No limit on the length and number of videos you create.

Powerful editing tools to customize your videos

Record your screen, trim your video, replace audios, add interactive content and personalize your video with music, headers, signoffs and more. Enjoy our all-in-one editing features!

Discover our online teleprompter

The HypermediaLAB’s online teleprompter lets you read any text and flow your speech naturally. You can easily adjust the speed of the text and the size of the font.

Add your logo or watermark to your video

Personalize your video with your logo and your brand with a professional video editing result.

Choose between our different templates to edit your video

Our templates are designed for you to get the most out of your editing process. Choose between standard or predesigned templates, whichever suits you the best!

Avoid YouTube’s related videos using our online video editor

When playing a video hosted on HypermediaLAB, no related videos are shown at the end of your interactive video. Increase engagement and conversions.

Add interactive content to your videos

Videos created with our online video editor are hypermedias:  interactive and powerful videos enhanced with clickable content. Our online video editor lets you add buttons and integrate content to any flat video.

Evolve your videos into hypermedias. 

Easily add files, images, links, quizzes and much more with interactive buttons. Your audience will be able to browse any content you want without leaving the video in an engaging experience.

Use case: Create a promotional video for selling a house. Add music, voice the video (voice over) and place the self-record window wherever you need while you describe the key features of the house. You can also add buttons with the house blueprints, more images and your contact info.

As easy as that!

With HypermediaLAB you will get

  • Testimonials

    “Ever since I use HypermediaLAB I can create amazing videos without asking my son for help.”

    Mia Jones, Freelancer
  • Testimonials

    “Working with interactive videos has made me stand out among other coaches.”

    Anthony Smith, Coach
  • Testimonials

    “Giving much more content to my audience by decreasing the time I spend on creating videos, allows me to give them more valuable things that I couldn’t before.”

    Lea M. Benson, Blogger

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